Redesign Przywództwa

Vibrant identity for the conference on leadership.

Redesign Przywództwa was a conference for leaders on rapid changes in Polish companies.

Three main subjects were discussed: “how to manage in Poland 21st century”, “how to change our organizations with respect for tradition and openness to new trends” and “how to manage yourself, be authentic in the role of leader and how to help others change”. This feeling of change for better, a kind of reconstruction of the idea of leadership formed the concept of the whole identity.

A flexible system of basic geometric shapes was devised, turning the acronym of the event (RPP) in a group of building blocks. These simple elements were then rearranged in various compositions and color combinations, appearing constructed or deconstructed in posters, animations, event signage, printed ads, tickets, booklets, t-shirts for the staff, tote bags and more promotional material.

The Palace of Culture and Science in Warsaw, which hosted the conference, a monumental building with classical decorations and bright white interiors, was the perfect stage for a high-impacting visual work. I’ve decided that the identity and signage – in contrast to the architecture – should be very modern and vibrant.