Femi Clinic

Creating visual language for the clinic

dedicated to Women.

Femi Clinic is a place with the highest medical standards, where Women can find help from the best gynecology specialists in Poland. I was asked to develop a brand identity and printed collateral for the clinic.

The client’s brief contained two contradictory informations – on the one hand, the founders wanted to create a minimalist, geometric logo mark, on the other, they were drew in the direction of ornamentation and splendor straight out of Art Nouveau. I’ve created a coherent visual language based on a serif inspired logotype, designed in the classical style but with a contemporary geometrical twist. Construction parts borrowed from the logotype’s initials acts as a key graphic elements across identity and stationery set.

The color palette maintained in the earth tone scheme, refers to the power of nature – the main inspiration for the creators of Femi Clinic.