Studio Tecza

Rebrand for the biggest complex of film and photographic studios in Poland.

Studio Tęcza is a complex of professional photographic and film studios. The studio has been operating since 2004 in cooperation with the largest advertising, event and production agencies in Poland.

Concept for the new visual identity of the Studio is based on a characteristic architecture of the six halls in which Tęcza is located. The strong, abstract geometric form of the quadrant is reflected in all elements of the identity, from the stationery and promotional materials through signage and wayfinding system, to the new website.

On the basis of a simple module, I’ve designed marks for the six subbrands: Studios, Production, Digital, Lights, Events and Management. Simple geometric figure fulfilled the role of building blocks for individual symbols: Events (space rental on time) – hourglass, Lights (rental of the lighting) – lamps etc.

The open visual system maintained in black and white is complemented by the Lineto’s Circular typeface. Thanks to the perfect balance, between legibility and character in the construction of the letters, typography gives the identity both playful and elegant character.